Guide How to Slash your Grocery Bills in Half!

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You can always go the old-fashioned route and use a pen and paper. But if you prefer to go digital, there are a number of free apps that will get the job done like Out of Milk , Pantry Check iOS only and many more. Robin H. I scan everything before I put it into my cart and know my total before I get to checkout. We have iPhones that sync so I can send my husband with the electronic list.

Read our article on budgeting with cash and how to make the envelope method work. As Clark. Using a recipe ingredient matching site like SuperCook.

11 Insanely Easy Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

These kinds of sites help you with meal ideas based on what you have at home and what items are on sale in a given week. Be sure you always know the regular prices of the 10 most common items you buy at the grocery store. That can help you identify sales cycles. Facebook poster Kathy W.

Loss leaders are the items advertised on the front of the supermarket sales circular. With a little meal planning savvy and some Instant Pot expertise , this is a great way to save big money on your grocery shopping! Not sure what unit pricing is?

33 WAYS - How to cut your bills IN HALF // V.005

Which is a better value? Not so fast. Find the friendly checker. Tony will rescan a coupon or type it in by hand if needed.

22 ways to save money on groceries - Clark Howard

Learn how to stack. With stores like Walgreens, Target, RiteAid and Whole Foods generating their own coupons, this is a way to double your buying power. Named for the machine manufacturer that dispenses them, catalinas are those extra coupons generated at check-out. Say you buy two cans of Del Monte pineapple.

Competitor Dole programs the register to note when someone purchases Del Monte and spit out a coupon for Dole pineapple. Dole figures you like pineapple and may be willing to change brands with that added incentive. According to new research by MaxPoint Interactive, three of four shoppers say they are more likely to try a new product at the grocery store if they have a coupon for it.

The best cooking tactic I ever learned was freezer cooking — cooking in advance, then freezing the extra portions so you can bring them out to cook quickly or heat up when you need them. Having a healthy meal ready to go in the freezer is the best way to avoid the takeout blues and the cost of not planning. Erin takes freezer cooking and meal planning to a whole new level , and as the mother of four boys, she knows the challenges of pleasing a hungry family.

Erin has developed a system in which she can prepare 10 delicious meals and load them into the freezer in less than an hour. And her system makes it all so easy. Every month, you get eight new freezer meal plans you can tailor them to your taste , plus recipes, shopping lists and step-by-step instructions, including videos. Or, you can create your own customized plan using her recipe collection.

Learn more about how easy freezer cooking with MyFreezEasy. A confirmed coupon clipper, Laura Daily is always on the lookout for ways to save or stretch that hard-earned dollar and prides herself on digging deep to unearth a great deal. I have to disagree about using the hand basket.

I applaud you for your self-control and carrying a basket IS a great way to keep those arm muscles strong. I think that the issue for many using a basket are those little impulse buys, the small stuff like candy, gum, that you simply toss in your basket because you are so mobile moving in the store.

But they can add up. Tips to manage your money, including career advice, college savings, budgeting, debt, credit and cars. Money Tips.

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How to feed your family for less , plus coupons, recipes, tips and restaurant coupons and deals. How to find the best deals on everything from clothing to groceries to electronics, online or in the stores. Coupons can save you more.

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Maybe it takes another 15—20 minutes. I find most coupons are for name brands, and we default to store brands. If you are a meat person, research buying meat in bulk. Go to a butcher shop. We have a Mexican butcher shop near us.

How To Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half and Still Eat Healthy

Go to the China town near you. The Asian supermarkets. They have some interesting stuff in there. If you want to branch out with your eating. You can blow up your Instagram account in there with all the pictures you could take. If you want to spend money on more important things, like paying down debt, saving for a big purchase, blowing more money on eating out, cutting the grocery bill is a simple way to take money from one part of your life, and shift it to another.

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You know we all have only so much money. You choose where it goes. You tell it what to do. You tell it where to go. You want Starbucks every day, do it. Do it!


You want to lease a car and get something new every three years. Do it. Notice you give up something or gain something else with every decision. And those money decisions compound over a lifetime. You choose.