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I believe there is greatness in all of us, we all have it. Just the same, we all have our unique fears and they are there for a reason… to learn and grow! It is not through success that we become wise, but through overcoming our trials and what we deem as failure. You are equip with such insight and provide intensive details for core development. Your mobilizing and powerful technique transforms you.

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Taking you on in an initiative designed to identify our purpose. We need you!..

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I need you! Michael Ojay. People marveled at the fact that I took this big, life-changing leap. There were other personal things going on at the time that impacted me enough to quit my full-time job. Believe it for myself. It became a part of my story.

It became easy to identify with a lot of things young entrepreneurial people were saying. I hustle my ass off to work enough contracts in a month to make ends meet. I battle constant future-tripping, wondering how long I can realistically sustain myself on this route.

But I also get paid to do something I love which is supposed to outshine anything else apparently. I was proud to be pursuing my passion, and I pat myself on the back for making it work. Being your own boss is tough as shit.

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You have no one to blame but yourself if things go awry. But what bothers me most is how we prop up the entrepreneurial class to be inherently brave and courageous.

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I am no more brave than the migrant worker picking your strawberries to send remittances to family in their home country. I am no more courageous than the recently-graduated millennial who works in a cubicle nine hours a day to pay off massive student loans. I am no more of a boss than the working class mother with three jobs who feeds her children. Nowadays we are bombarded with messages that life could only be meaningful if we do what we love which is subjective anyway.

Sometimes the smartest thing you can do, is both very simple and very difficult. How bad do you want it? Fight your desire to quit with the power of your dream. Fight the urge to quit with your fear of regret. Know it will be a battle and let that battle excite you. Know that you are fighting the good fight, and let that drive you. You are strong enough, positive enough and have been designed for this exact path.

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You will make it happen. Get something from it. Get a reward from it. But you will never be able to reap the benefits if you quit.