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Yet the trip barely scraped the surface of the real Cuba. The broken roads are the true streets of Cuba. The beat-up residential five-floor buildings in the barrios neighborhoods are the true streets of Cuba. The falling pastel colored buildings of Old Habana are the true streets of Cuba.

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However, none of this hinders the attitudes of the people I met in Cuba. Thanks to my intermediate Spanish, I was able to speak openly with many different Cubans who taught me so much about the struggles of living on the island. From teenagers I met on the beach to members of my own family, everyone I met was surprisingly open to talking about their experiences. Many seemed hopeful for the change that may come with the lift of the embargo.

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The people I spoke with expressed their love for their country but they also understood the lack of freedom they are forced to live with. Some also spoke of their plans on escaping the island in hopes of finding a better life. Still, they were all very open about their feelings on things such as the embargo, the lack of opportunities, and the conditions they live in.

I have been blessed with two Cuban abuelos grandfathers.

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They met me at the infamous hotel, the Habana Libre. We went to their home in Guanabacoa for a traditional Cuban dinner. We sat on their porch and I listened to her stories, while she chained smoked cigarettes.


I took selfies with her grandchildren, and they showed me their family photo albums. We ate arroz con frijoles and Silvia blessed us with a magnificent flan- to this day, its the best flan I have ever tried! The night was filled with laughter, they were open and honest with me in their conversations. They explained that life in Cuba was not easy and things are difficult to endure, but at the end of the day she could not complain because her grandchildren are receiving an education and they all have their health.

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What more could she ever ask for? I listened and learned as I stitched myself into their family — into my family. I fell in love with Cuba and the people in it. I fell in love with the rich culture that filled the street. I wanted to know everything I possibly could about Cuban culture. I returned home, and all I could think talk about was Cuba. My excitement rubbed off. That August my grandmother returned to Cuba, but this time with two generations my father, mother, brother and I.

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It was a blessing to have my grandmother as our tour guide and regaling us with stories of the past. Prior to leaving on our trip, my mother found a letter written in to my grandfather from his niece. Our goal for this trip was to locate her. To reconnect with family we did not even know still existed. We piled into a beautiful shiny red almondron vintage Cuban cars , to the town of Remedios. We found the apartment. In seconds, neighbors began peeking out of their homes, asking whom we were searching for.

Two hours of searching later, we had found her. It was as if I saw a ghost. She stared at my grandmother confused, unsure who she was. It had been over 53 years since they last saw each other. There was not a dry eye in sight. We entered her home, and saw that she only had two chairs and a beat-up fridge. Seeing this pained me. Recently, I saw some advertisements by Korean Air and Emirates , they are offering some extraordinary features on board for the business class passengers, namely bar services and duty-free shop. Malaysia Airlines is yet to have such services and so looking forward to see it one day.

The facilities of the lounge were up to satisfaction level, e. WiFi service, and good reading materials. I love the ambiance of the lounge as it is cozy and relaxing with great interior design, but the size of the lounge is comparatively small as compared with the one in Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA. I took some photos of this returning flight.

Hope you like them all. I really have great passion to fly. I wish I got a chance to experience some Middle-east airlines, like the world renowned Emirates, Qatar Airways , and Etihad Airways , as I fly Asian airlines most of the time whenever I go overseas. Keep discovering the world Posted by Unknown at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Active noise cancelling headphone, cushion with well-designed cover, and blanket were provided. Had a glass of cocktail and some nuts during the bar-service time.

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  • Satay with peanut sauce is the signature dish of MH. All wines on board are carefully selected by the experts of the MH team. Entree will be served right after the bar-services. Requested to have more fresh-fruit, love the Kiwi. I chose Asian cuisine as my main course as the seafood selection was taken up in the cabin. Very spicy food, not really my favorite. The seat was comfortable which allowed me to push down to the position of degree.

    Fresh fruit and a chicken pie will be served before landing. Cappuccino and latte are available on board.