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The year we moved into this apartment was actually the year they started building the wall. I had seen life before the walls, but our children grew up knowing only the reality within the walls. Perhaps they were what opened my eyes. Their schoolbooks and the way they were taught about our country and the world outside these walls was worrisome.

I love our country, of course, but not everything and everyone outside the walls is bad or something or someone to distrust. I had underestimated what this would all lead to. All this anger and fake news made us so paranoid and distrust everything and everyone around us. At the same time everything between the walls seems to have become what we used to be.

The walls used to keep the immigrants out, but at some point we became prisoners of our own walls. Both the physical walls we had built and the walls of fear, hatred and distrust. He was twenty-four when he had first heard of the Torus. Well, Tori actually. Either way, it had been three years since he heard of the structures. Three years of researching. Three years of planning.

Shattered Crowns (Broken Fairytales, #3) by Monica Alexander

Three years of convincing family members that the decisions he was making were sane. And today was the day he set eyes on his first one. There it was in its upright beauty. There was little sunlight on that foggy day, but the little light that existed was emphasizing the top curve, and casting a shadow on the bottom half. The fog sat heavy between him and the structure demonstrating the distance that still existed between him and the inanimate object. He felt a huge sense of relief in its presence. The Torus represented the universal truth he had been searching for these past three years.

Seven years of dwindling news sources. Seven years of deciphering if what he read in the newspaper was true or false.

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He found it exhausting. He was a mathematician. Well, maybe not a true mathematician, could he really declare himself that? Either way, he had been studying math for six years now and that was long enough for him to understand the beauty of mathematical truth. And this is what led him in search for the fabled Tori. It was five years ago when the mention of an upright torus first appeared. He had been following some of his favorite professors, keeping track of any new lectures or books that were being produced. His favorite, Jacqueline Turney, had recently moved to Talca, Chile for a visiting professor position.

Her husband, Ernest had followed. The two of them were people who always carried a sketchbook around. Talca provided the two with plenty of opportunities to sketch. The city was in construction mode as the area was still recovering from the catastrophic earthquake. The streetscape could be divided into pre-earthquake and post-earthquake, but the courtyards still existed. There they would be, sitting across a table from each other, sipping on mate, sketching away.

It was one of those courtyard sessions that the two decided to collaborate.

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The first Torus was drafted in a sketchbook and that drawing would then go on to be used unintentionally in many conspiracy theories in the years to come. He stood there still in awe of the Torus beyond him in the remote landscape of southern Chile. It was time to make his way through the fog. With each step he admired the construction logistics, the care that had taken place in the construction of each panel, and the simplicity of the structure.

He admired the beauty of a torus and its tessellation capabilities, shown here with a rectangle. His mind jumped to the Escher coloring books his elementary school teacher had him complete and to his geometry teacher who made him produce tessellations with paper and scissors. Now to see a live form of the tessellation was impressive to him.

The square panels were a nod to the torus in the 4th dimensional space, in which the geometry was a flat rectangle. Even with his background in math it was still difficult to visualize this phenomena in his brain. What a cool, mesmerizing geometry. And there it was in front of him. Math was true to him, beautiful, and a break from the media, lies, government, and violence that existed at home. Now came for the test of the conspiracy theories. It was rumored that the geometry had a sonic barrier surrounding it. The only individuals who could enter were Jacqueline and Ernest. This just seemed absurd to him.

But on humans? Around architecture? Well that would be silly. Yet there he was. Reading all the conspiracy theories behind it. Deciphered the validity of each, and now there he was testing it.

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  6. It was as if a gust of wind just blew his way, but there was no end to the gust. In fact, there was no actual movement of air pressure. What exactly was happening? He kept trying to take a step forward. Head down, ready to take the impact. No further movements could be made. After several attempts he stopped trying. He felt silly and intrigued at the same time. Some of the deep dark internet threads that he would find himself reading were turning out to be true.

    He set up camp in close vicinity.

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    As close as one could get to the invisible barrier. A cold and quiet evening had passed. But there always was the possibility of running into others.

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    The Tori had a weirdly cult-like following. Many others were searching to find it.

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    But it took a great amount of effort to piece together all the hints about the location of each.