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The place, Nova-Prime - A sprawling metropolis, drowning in a sea of bureaucracy, corruption and malfunctioning machines. One evening, after pounding the streets of the 'Dead-Red-zone' something big, no!

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Something very big falls into Rick Mcplenty's lap. Detective Mcplenty uncovers a sinister plot implicating the government, off-world gun-running pig smugglers and a ruthless high-class escort agency specialising in synthetic assassinations. So hitch a ride with Nova-Prime's finest private eye on an absurd Adventure as he rides roughshod over rules and regulations in Pursuit of the truth. However, this is detective Rick Mcplenty, this is Nova-prime - things rarely go according to plan The experience lasted six hours:. It was as if my consciousness had begun the program leading to death.

I lost my sight and my hearing, I had a strange sensation of streams, and then I began to recall, in a short time, my entire life backward until the moment of my birth, or even before my birth. Then, suddenly I found myself in complete darkness. It took me a long time to regain consciousness. I passed through this stage and experienced the whole process of coming back. This process starts from a state of nothingness, a state without memory. The first thing I remembered was that I was a living thing, a life. A long time passed before I finally remembered I was a human being.

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Then I remembered I was on Earth. I recalled a mother and a child; and in the same way that I had returned to my origin, I came back to the present and remembered what had happened to me. In my consciousness I felt as if I were reincarnated, as if I had become a different being. Ever since, I have wondered and asked myself what that experience was, and now I look at death from the other side.

An experience like that makes a deeper impression then any artwork. Mori never forgot it.

The Yumedono dates from around AD and is one of the earliest meditation spaces in Japan. It is the same height as Prince Shotoku and symbolizes his body and soul. After this experience I was driven to create my Dream Temple project.

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Visiting the Dream Temple is a unique experience. Anyone can see the Dream Temple from the outside, but to enter it you have to make a reservation when you pay at the museum entrance. The Dream Temple was sensibly placed near the end of the exhibition, followed only by Miracle , a series of abstract digital paintings on glass.

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Prior to arriving at the Dream Temple I walked through the Garden of Purification, a large installation with crystal Zen gardens, footpaths, and a large-scale still taken from the video Kumano Conceptually purified, I was ready to enter the temple. Before I did so, however, I had to confirm my reservation. I was asked to take off my shoes and put on a clean pair of white stockings four sizes too small for my feet. They seemed like something an alien might wear, with a grid-like pattern on the soles to prevent slipping — cool, even if they were too small.

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  • I then waited on a bench with five other people. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, or what I was going to experience. I had seen photos of the Dream Temple, but never realized you could actually enter it, or more significantly, enter it alone. Finally, when it was my turn, the attendant helped me up the steps to the core of the temple. She opened its central doors. Inside was a pure white space like the inside of a shell, a place of peacefulness and purity.

    I was told to enter, sit on the white mattress, and put on a pair of headphones that lay on the floor.

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    She said she would return in five minutes, and closed the doors. Soothing ambient music began and I watched a series of abstract images flicker across a wide screen. Dream Temple expresses themes of energy, meditation, and technology, but is limited in the ways that most art is, being less like an actual temple and more like a synthetic art object. We pay 2, yen, and experience it as a spectator. In both traditional and contemporary terms, Japanese art seems mostly flat and two-dimensional; it has always lacked fundamental linear perspective. This notion reflects the most profound difference between Western and Eastern thought, culture, and religion.

    Mori ponders:.

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    I liked this one, but I went into it expecting a scifi story with romantic elements instead of a romance with scifi elements. The world is definitely ripe for expansion. I agree with Tellulahdarling. No code. I try to be encouraging but not coy. Great review. CK says:. June 14, at pm. Tellulahdarling says:. Patricia Eimer says:. June 15, at am. CarrieS says:. Sarah Garris says:.

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