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Toni Rosati, the owner of Orchid Photography, created her photographic style with the belief that time spent with friends and family is the most precious and enjoyable part of every event. By mastering her craft, having a creative and adaptive eye, and planning ahead, her clients proudly display award-winning images — and they remember the event, not the photo shoot! Your email address will not be published. I agree to the terms and conditions laid out in the Privacy Policy. Nice Blog!

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It is very important because if you are not comfortable with the photographer then your pictures will not come out good. If you are comfortable with your photographer and know him well then he will suggest new poses while taking your pictures and will put all the efforts to capture the most amazing pictures whether it be a portraits or wedding pictures.

My friend is getting married soon and needs to find a photographer. I like that you suggested checking their website to see if they have a way to contact them so you can schedule an appointment immediately.

Planning your wedding day your way

I will share this tip with my best friend when she hires a wedding photographer. From what I know, they will be hiring the photographer for two days since the location is on an island, so they have to stay there overnight due to the travel time. I agree that you should find someone who cares more about your wedding images than they do about their own policies. They should think of you first on your special day. This will get you the best quality of pictures. Sometimes this will happen at the end of the meeting, but other times the couple may want to go home and talk things over.

That is entirely normal and understandable. Not to mention, what should be done if we get another inquiry on the same day? This is what has led us to setting a deadline for contract signing.

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  • Planning your wedding day your way.

Usually, we give 7 days for the couple to review and ask questions. If there are no questions or revisions needed, the contract needs to be signed within that week long period. We actually do this as we understand people may not have money right now, but may have it come the next pay check or two. People are most attracted to work with professionals who offer flexibility. Lately, these tend to go most to people booking 1. It just makes sense in this instance, and we make our contract clear that additional payments function as additional non-refundable retainers for our service.

One of the biggest things we have learned is : nothing is actually final until the contract is signed, and your deposit fee paid. Your goal as a wedding professional should be to streamline this process as much as possible. We highly recommend a much simpler and easier alternative: Honeybook.

The three elements of successful sales communication

This normally is straightforward enough: they will review the contract, ask you any questions they might have, then sign when they are ready. This is the easiest part of the entire process. Once you get to this stage, you can feel confident and comfortable in your skills as a wedding photography and businessman or woman.

Just remember, once you get that signature, and see your deposit roll into your bank account, the work is only beginning. Now, your communications with your clients will shift towards fulfilling their photography dreams. Some people are open books and want you to take full creative control, while others may end up providing a lot of direction and even Pinterest shot lists. Every situation is different and should be handled case-by-case, and this is where you can show your true colors. In everything, our suggestion is to aspire to make your client happy — no matter the cost.

However, you also need to be real with them when necessary.

6 Mistakes Every New Wedding Photographer Makes

One of the key ways we work to preface these conversations if they need to be had at all , is by sending out a wedding photography questionnaire and putting together a wedding timeline. This is how we collect all of the information we need in the month leading up to the wedding — so we know what to expect, and can set expectations by locking down what time different things will be happening. Note: Many wedding packages will also include an engagement session.

The planning stage can also apply to this — though they tend to be less hectic. Our key for getting great e-session photos is to plan around Golden Hour and an awesome location. The big day has finally come.

As wedding photographers, we know these events can be pretty anxiety inducing , but the environment is also very fun much of the time! This is why they are paying for us to be there.

The biggest mistake that most photographers make in talking with prospective clients

Along with this, most of the decisions we make during the day have them in mind. Our post-processing workflow once the wedding day is over looks like this:. While getting great wedding photos edits comes as the result of a lot of determination, artistic style, and practice — we can thank presets for helping us get to the edit we want quicker. Finally — the day your clients have been waiting for! We know the thrill of receiving a wedding gallery after waiting weeks for it. Your clients will be ecstatic to finally get to relive their wedding day in this way! While there are different ways photographers deliver their photos, the most modern method comes in the form of an online gallery.

For the first few years of our business, we used Pixieset and still would recommend it as it is a great platform. Currently, in year 3, we have migrated over to Pic-Time because of some additional functionality — namely the storefront that enables easier print sales conversions and the ability for clients to put together wedding albums themselves.

No matter what gallery platform you choose, they all tend to have some similar attributes:. Earlier, we talked about how the wedding photography booking process ends but not really when the contract is signed. While this is a huge area of discussion, a few key things we do to help get some recurring and new business after working with an impressed client include:.

So, what do you think? We hope this detail around the wedding photography booking process gives you some real insight on what you can expect. Pulling on many years of experience, we provide digital photography tips, business and marketing expertise, and a touch of our personal life to create helpful and engaging content for you. While there are absolutely struggles […]. Their venue is two states away, and would require miles of driving round […]. Wonderful article! You are sharing such a great article.

The information you shared are very useful tips for booking process of wedding photograph.

Wedding Photography: Top 20 Wedding Photography Mistakes

I like this post and recommend this to my friends. Thanks a lot for sharing. Last Updated: August 17th, We have learned how to make the wedding photography booking process easy. The Inquiry Getting a single wedding photography inquiry can sometimes be the hardest part of this process!

In our little world, Hand and Arrow Photography is our brand — and you can see our corresponding logo and designs are created with this in mind. While we did all the design work ourselves, you can also outsource this using freelance graphic designers such as those found over on Fiverr. Establish an online presence.

see You will want a website designed to attract new clients. You should also showcase your best work here. In addition, get setup on various social media platforms.