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If you ask the staff at C Lazy U about the romance on ranch over the years, you may end up getting some pretty entertaining stories. Some of which may be true and some that are completely embellished. The temperature is just right, the colors of nature are glowing, and there are plenty of locations for the perfect wedding photos.

But planning a summer wedding can be stressful, as there are a lot of important details. While summer may be the first choice for weddings, a winter wedding at a dude ranch such as C Lazy U may forever change your mind. Brides- and grooms-to-be have a million wedding decisions to make. Indoors or outdoors?

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Big or small? Traditional or contemporary? Live band or a DJ? Season is another big one — spring, summer, fall, and winter all have their pros and cons.

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Holding a destination wedding at C Lazy U Ranch is a picture-perfect way to get married, thanks to its breathtaking location, beautiful facilities and talented on-site wedding coordinators. Though we provide plenty of ranch wedding amenities, couples can ease their mind with a checklist of last-minute tasks before the big day.


Double-check your suitcase. And Holt becomes both father and protector. But to leave will break her heart. Surprise is an understatement for Sheriff Reed Larkin when he finds out his childhood sweetheart has returned hone. Everyone in the town of Destiny thinks dedicated mayor Morgan Keenan has no time for relationships.

It takes newcomer tycoon and caring single father Justin Hillard to see past her defenses.

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With the help of his cute little daughter, Justin slowly helps the beautiful, willowy redhead understand that she can love and be loved in return. Morgan belongs with them—not only as his adored wife, but as the mother she was meant to be. Summoned back to her hometown, Lori Hutcheson hides her apprehensions behind a dazzling smile. Jace discovers a sweet, generous woman hiding behind those pinstripes…. Single mother Gina Williams is usually wary around men.

I hope you enjoy my new website where I have a list of all my books, and future releases.

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I have a brand new blog I will be posting to as well. That was a sure sign he was about to start quoting statistics to put God's fear into her, even if it was the last thing he did. They're narrower, twistier and trickier to drive than city roads, do you understand? Do you want to end up mangled — dead or maimed for life?

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And it won't be just you suffering, but your family too! Her mascara was smudged, bits of black streaking from the corner of her eye straight back to the temple.

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Sam shook his head. What the…? He'd seen her a few times at family gatherings and the engagement party for him and Jolie. The last he'd heard, Lina was engaged to the only son of some real estate mogul from New York City. Her family had been so proud. Her head swiveled. Uh… He didn't think he sounded like that, but he knew better than to argue with a woman who'd been crying while driving at a suicidal speed in a wedding gown.

Both of his bushy eyebrows shot up to the hairline. Wayne turned to her and resumed his lecture on road safety, quoting more statistics. If he'd had his way, Silver Springs would have installed a huge screen that projected gruesome car wreck images.

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As great a sheriff as Wayne was, he could be obtuse and single-minded about his job, and traffic violations were the most excitement the sheriff's department got in Silver Springs. As Wayne went on and on, Lina's eyes started to fill with tears. Sam hoped she didn't try to use waterworks the way Jolie often did. Lina was beautiful with those wide blue eyes, porcelain-smooth skin and a pert nose, but they were no use on a man like Wayne.

Wayne's face turned red. Nobody in Silver Springs talked to him that way.